Newhotel with distributor in Russia


Left to right: Oleg Parijski - LLC Comercial Director, João Matoso – Newhotel Software President, Alexei Presnukhin – LCC General Manager,
Pedro Matoso - Newhotel Software Board Member, Anastasiia Shchetinina , Filipe Figueiras and Miguel Ventura – Newhotel Software International Business & Sales.

Hello Russia!

We’re excited to announce an important step further in Newhotel‘s global expansion efforts!

On June 25th, 2015 at the company headquarters in Lisbon, an authorized distributor agreement was signed with LLC “IT-FIX”

now representing Newhotel Software in Russia and CIS Russian-speaking countries (former USSR countries).

LLC “IT-FIX” will be distributing three lines of products: Prime Solutions, Cloud Solutions and Web Services.

All the modules are available in Russian language. All the solutions are localized to meet fiscal and legal requirements of the Russian market.

Training and support services will be provided to the Russian-speaking clients in Russian.

Newhotel in Russia - LLC “IT-FIX”

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