A very positive year!


A year after the formalization of the Newhotel office in Santiago, Juan Osorio Montoya, Director Newhotel Chile,
gives us the state of work in this growing market and what lies ahead...

Completing the first year of operations with a dedicated NEWHOTEL in Santiago, how do you evaluate this change?

The first year of operations in Chile Newhotel has been highly positive with major customers in various parts of the country,
we have gradually been consolidating our solutions as an advanced solution and which are always in constant renewal;
witch also helps our customers to see us as a serious and efficient company.

Taking into account the systems provided by NEWHOTEL Chile, what are the most common needs in the field of hospitality in Chile?

According to the Chilean market the most common needs are integrated systems into online channels enabling them to optimize their
resources and have greater ability to attract more domestic and international passengers; However according to tax changes today
have PTO direct link to internal taxes in turnover.

Cloud or on the local server? The Hotel Santa Lucia in Santiago has since 2013 our PMS Cloud, booking engine and Channel Manager and in
Europe for example, we’ve just implement the PMS, Spa and Events Cloud in a 4 star hotel with 263 rooms - Corendon Group, and our new
office in Brazil in São Paulo receives numerous requests daily for cloud systems. Do you think that Chilean hoteliers are following
the cloud trend and believe that is the way forward?

Gradually hoteliers have been changing the mindset of future cloud solutions because it allows them to optimize resources and to be
immediately linked to international markets, there is some fear of change to such technologies that are being welcomed in a positive way,
yet there still is road ahead and some lack of confidence in cloud solutions.

What is your perception in terms of growing market in Chile? The number of tourist arrivals (3,576,000 in 2013) continues to
grow in comparison with previous years. Are there incentives for investors?

Each year Chile continues to grow in tourism thanks to state policies that have been generating positive results increasing by 2.7%
the number of visitors during 2014, it is now established as the 4 source of income due to the arrival of foreigners to Chile throughout
the country, Chile offers tourism for all preferences at different times of the year.

How can NEWHOTEL systems enhance the guest experience and increase hotel revenues?

With our international experience is much what we can contribute to the Chilean market which is on the rise with integrated online channels,
more agile, Revenue Manager, CRM, customers satisfaction surveys all from a single integrated platform, thus the hotel systems
will have a whole solution in one application.

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