Boutique Hotel in Cusco


Casa San Blas Hotel is the first hotel of its kind in Peru. They developed the idea of an small hotel with high service standards focused in great ideas: great harmony with the city environment so the location and decor would become unique.
It’s located in the heart of the historic artisan’s quarter of San Blas where you can easily immerse into Cusco’s unique blend of Spanish and Inca cultures.

The primary concept incorporated into the design of Casa San Blas Boutique hotel is that of warmth and comfort, a place to feel at home while traveling in Cusco. Every room has been named upon a textile icon, which has been interpreted following the ancient wisdom of the weavers and therefore provides you peaces of wisdom to think about during your journeys. Casa San Blas Hotel has 18 rooms: 12 standard rooms, 4 Suite apartments, 1 Junior Suite and 1 Senior Suite. Each room has its Icons of interpretation of textile meditations, which are complemented by hand carved rustic furniture and safety deposit box, Premium Cable TV, Hot Water Bed Bottles and Room Heater. They also have a balcony terrace on the third floor so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Cusco.

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