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> New Layout
The result of +10 years of market knowledge & analysis to improve the hotelier experience.

> Responsive Layout
Meeting the trend of internet traffic with an optimal viewing and interaction across all devices (desktop, tablet & smartphones)..

> Dashboard Configuration
Make your dashboard a personal experience! Organize the data according to your needs.

> Rate Shopper
Base your Hotel rate with an intelligence solution. Set up to 5 competitors and compare their room rates with your offer.

> Customize Frontend Layout
Configure all the fonts, colors and images available in the Frontend in a easy & intuitive way.

> Master Rates
Set single or multiple Master Rates and optimize your configuration time with mass updates across all rates.

> Costumer Satisfaction Survey
Get instant 'after stay' feedback of your customers. Measure satisfaction, identify unhappy customers and find potential advocates that can affect future revenue.

> Guest Reviewer
Get to know your customers reviews across some of the major hospitality platforms.

> Conversation Pop Up
Convert abandoning and/or undecided visitors into customers with target campaigns (discounts, offers...).

> More Extranets
More than 100 Certified Extranets.

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