How to keep productive while working from home


How to keep productive while working from home

These atypical times with social contingency measures, brought a new reality for many of us: we are experiencing working from home for the first time.
Maybe you are feeling less productive and having some challenges, so we leave you some tips on how to overcome lack of productivity.  

1.Start yearly and set a work scheduleStart yearly and set a work schedule
Establishing a work schedule helps to organize better your day and make better use of time. Create a routine, distribute the most complicated tasks to the times when you feel most productive.

2.Choose a dedicated workspace Choose a dedicated workspace
Did you know that the environment where you will work can influence your productivity? Organize your desk before starting your appointments, chose a place with good light, ventilated and with few distractions.

3.Prioritize your tasks Prioritize your tasks
Organizing your week’s tasks helps to stay focused and know what your top priorities are. If you follow the created order, you will see that the tasks will be performed successfully.

4.Say no to digital distractions Say no to digital distractions
Turn off mobile phone notifications, the TV and block everything that will distract and keep you away from your goals.

5.Use apps that will help you get organizedUse apps that will help you get organized
Apps can be life saviors and help you manage your daily work. You can use Google Calendar to lists tasks, Evernote or Google Keep. Asana and Trello can be effective to manage projects and teams, set goals and keeping them on track. Toggl lets you know how much time you spend doing each task, so you can get a feel for the pending tasks and get better organized. For online meetings you can use Zoom or Skype.

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