Newhotel and Saphety celebrate partnership

newhotel e saphety anunciam parceria

Newhotel Software and Saphety build new partnership to promote electronic invoicing in the hospitality sector

Respond to the new legal framework and the challenges of digital transformation by adopting a unique solution that allows you to send and receive 100% of your invoices electronically, from any system. Electronic invoicing plays an essential role in accelerating dematerialization of business processes and offers significant savings potential for any organization.

Electronic invoicing becomes a strategic priority
 - The fast implementation of this new approach among companies has been leveraged by recent factors such as the pandemic and by the increasing demand to use only digital documents.
 - In the hospitality sector, Newhotel Software worked together with Saphety to integrate hotel management solutions with standard market requirements and reduce time and cost of implementing electronic invoicing.

What specific solution is implemented in this integration?
 - The partnership between Newhotel Software and Saphety aims to satisfy all customers, totally dematerializing the invoicing process through the implementation of an integrated electronic invoicing system, fully customized for the daily needs of accounts receivable. 

The Newhotel & Saphety integrated solution was designed to automate the entire invoicing process, by allowing sending invoices in PDF format, as well as directly integrating them via edi into customers' ERP systems.

What problems/issues will our solution/service solve for the customers who decide to benefit from this partnership? 
The solution provided within the scope of this partnership, most importantly ensures customers’ full compliance with the legislation in force in terms of electronic invoicing. 

Additionally, the adoption of the Newhotel & Saphety connector will allow companies to optimize their internal processes, providing a considerable administrative costs reduction. Our team of tech consultants is ready to present you the advantages of the new Newhotel & Saphety solution.
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