New partnership: Newhotel Software and Sezam 24

Newhotel Software and Sezam 24 partner for a contactless check-in

Newhotel Software and Sezam 24 partner
for a contactless check-in

Provide a modern, contactless experience for your guests with a kiosk

Newhotel Software is focused on developing digital solutions that, not only maintain service customization, but also provide hotels with solutions that help make processes easier and more efficient, while promoting new sources of revenue.

Having in mind the guest journey optimization Newhotel has added Sezam 24 to its portfolio interface to help hospitality successfully automate a contactless check-in through kiosks.

Sezam24 team has over 25 years of experience in IT and Telecom world and created a device that works 24/7, helping hoteliers to provide a high-quality service and an easy-to-use software with data registration that makes life easier for both the hotel staff and the guests. 

This two-way integration will allow properties to keep up with their digital transformation and streamline check-in by: 
  • Reducing check-in time
  • Automate pre-authorisations and room payments
    de estadia
  • Scan ID and passport
  • Complete digitally registration forms
  • Issue room keys
  • Secure Payments

For more information’s about how you can speed up and automate your guests’ check-in, please contact us: [email protected].

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