Newhotel Software Colombia

Newhotel Software Colombia participo del Iv Encuentro de la Cadena Turística Del Caribe Colombiano

Newhotel Software Colombia
Participates in the IV Meeting of the Colombian Caribbean Tourism Chain



The 4th Meeting of the Colombian Caribbean Tourism Chain was held in the city of Santa Marta, organized by Cotelco Magdalena with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and FONTUR, an event that unites the tourism sector of the Colombian Caribbean region with the presence of 1500 people, among them leaders and assistants.

The purpose of this event was to contribute positively to the reactivation of the tourism and hospitality sector in the region. On this occasion and for the first time, Newhotel Colombia participated in this important event, presenting new solutions for the new world of hospitality, achieving a high position with important new clients (hotels) in the Caribbean region.

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