Imagine you could easily analyse and work the big data of your hotel(s). Would that help you to improve your operation?Yes... it will!

Newhotel Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is also applied to Prime solutions (on-premises)

Cloud CRM is specially designed for the Hospitality Industry combining the Tools for Sales Team, Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and information from all different Hospitality Businesses.
  • Guest and Company Profiles gathered from all systems
  • Integrate consumptions from every facility in the hotel in the same profile
  • Campaigns and private promos advertised directly to the consumer
  • Agenda, schedules, task and KPI's by salesperson
  • Loyalty programs by segments with history of transactions, stays, etc.
  • Account folio with room nights and revenue performance indicators
  • Platform free HTML responsive, BYOD
  • Sales Team and Operations data integrated: Contracts, Rates, Profiles, Programs, Conditions
  • Document manager allowing to associate specific work documents to actions, clients, profiles
  • Sales analysys (USAH and Room Nights) by Group, Unit, Client Manager, Team, etc. with year comparison