How does Newhotel Prime Clubs & Shows work for your business?See how...

Newhotel Clubs & Shows Management System

  • Manage facilities/venues for Events and Shows
  • Table and Seat Reservations and Assignment with visual planning
  • Controls the included charges in a package
  • Invoices additional consumptions and automatic breakdown by revenue center
  • (Entrance Fees, F&B, Comissions, Tips, etc.)
  • Early reservations and automatic seat Assignment
  • Reservations can be associated to an Agency or Agent
  • Visual Planning of the Room - occupancy and status

Control and Manage the Included Charges of the different packages your Clients acquire

  • Entrance Fee
  • Meals (Menu, Dinner, Snacks and/or Beverages - Cocktails, Champagne, etc)...
The value of the sold package (and the eventual pre-payment) is automatically posted to the account of the open table, assigned to the Client at arrival. The products included on the package are automatically requested to the kitchen or service area. Later on, additional incidental charges can be posted to the account and invoiced using a Point of Sale.

Rigorous Analysis of Revenue by Department

The sales values and sold products, either individually or included in packages, are distributed at the end of the day, by each one of the Departments of the Cost Centers: Door Revenues, Food, Beverages, Gratifications.

Fully integration

Fully integrated with Points of Sale to manage the sales of the included packages along with incidental charges. Similarly, all the advanced functions of the Newhotel Point of Sale are also available, such as:
  • Cashier control
  • Direct sale
  • Variable prices
  • Split check
  • Table transfer
  • Statistics and reports