Quick and Easy, guarantees a complete control of the exchanges made and the generated revenues.How?

Currency Exchange module, daily updated, calculating rates and comissions

Prints: Cash Sales receipts, Cashier Closing and Shift Reports, Daily Exchange Scoreboards, etc. Search hotel guests, transactions by currency, operator,etc., and get consolidated revenue integrated in the PMS.

Software module for management of currency exchange posting

It converts the values of a currency to the matching value of a different currency, based on a file of currencies and exchange, maintained on a daily basis. It also calculates eventual rates or commissions to apply and keeps a record of all the transactions, identified with date, time, name of the Client and Cashier Operator.

Quick and Easy Operation

It is a very simple application to use: the operator only has to indicate the amount of the received currency as well as the desired currency. It automatically shows on the screen the value to return to the Client and the receipt is printed.

For each transaction, a voucher is printed, numerated in sequence with all the details of the operation

At any time, it is possible to search the transactions and totals generated by currency and employee. This guarantees a complete control of the exchanges made and the generated revenues.

Rates & Commissions

You can define and change the rates or commissions to apply, as well as the departments where those revenues will be posted. With integration with the Newhotel PMS Front-Office hotel management system, there are still several additional advantages that make operations, like searching the database of Clients lodged at the Hotel, or the consolidation of revenues on the daily report of the hotel, even easier.

Print Reports

Ending each shift, the software prints the report and cashier declaration with the values of each currency to be delivered by the operator. There also several reports available for audit and control.

Daily Exchange Scoreboard

Newhotel Currency Exchange module also prepares for printing a Daily Exchange Scoreboard, with the several currencies and the matching exchange rates, with an attractive and appropriate graphical look to post on the counter.