Gestão eficaz de transacções, movimentos e contas a receber

How to manage transactions,
and accounts receivable

Managing the hotel daily financial operations is a very demanding task that requires a complete and secure PMS.   
Ensuring the guest's account is updated, with all consumptions and services properly registered in his account can seem complex, but with Newhotel Cloud PMS these operations are fluid and uncomplicated.

Especially dedicated to the best practices to manage the guest's account, this webinar focuses on the main features of the Cloud PMS to process transactions and accounts receivable operations.  

We will focus on:

- Manage transactions, deposits, accounts or payments; 
- Check the guest's account;  
- Insert transactions; 
- Associate discounts to transactions; 
- Rate correction; 
- Group transactions; 
- Issuing invoices; 
- Main reports; 

Among other possible actions. 

Webinar on demand Newhotel – How to manage transactions and accounts receivable

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