Check-in online app Newhotel Software
  • Web App
  • PMS Integration
  • Document Scanning
  • Digital Signature
  • Online Payments
  • Facial Recognition
  • Stay Preferences
  • GDPR

Comfort and speed

Once the reservation is confirmed, a link is automatically sent to the guest allowing them to check in, complete their details, avoiding waits and physical contact at the hotel reception. Guests can check in online quickly and securely on any device and browser, from anywhere, without the need to install the application.

Simplify reception operations

Reservation data arrives at the hotel management system in an automated manner and updates the reservation status in Newhotel PMS, reducing or even eliminating manual work and delays at reception.

Seize the check-in opportunity to sell more

Newhotel Online Check-in is also an opportunity to promote, sell, and increase revenue. The hotel can suggest additional services to include in the reservation and upselling options.

Improve service quality

By eliminating administrative tasks, staff are free to dedicate more attention to quality of service and ensure that all other phases of the guest experience proceed smoothly. Newhotel Online Check-in offers guests the opportunity to inform the hotel of their preferences or additional requests, which is an excellent way to get to know and better anticipate and satisfy their expectations.

Online payment, security and data protection

Reservation payment can be made online on the check-in platform. Communication of information between the guest and the hotel is done within the Newhotel web platform with guaranteed security protocols. Data processing complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).