App guest experience


The personalized guest experience.
The App is a pocket hotel for your guests.

From the moment guests make a reservation, they can book up-sell and cross-sell services, perform check-in and check-out, make the payment, access digital concierge service.
The app is customizable: hotel can add and edit the logo, images and configure the different features according to hotel’s needs. This application does not require a download.
  • Direct communication channel with the guest, from anywhere;
  • Anything your guests may need before, during and after their stay;
  • Digital checkout, offers a seamless experience;
  • More hospitality and better service. Without dehumanization!

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App check-in online guests


Offer your guests an easy check-in process before they arrive at your hotel, avoiding waiting time and contact. Initiate the communication with your Guests before they start a unique experience.
  • Comfort and speed without forcing the guest to install apps;
  • Streamline reception’s operation and reduce costs;
  • Eliminate queues and waiting time;
  • Improve service quality and increase guest satisfaction;
  • Online payment, security and data protection.

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Housekeeping app Newhotel


With the Housekeeper app, the housekeeper and the room service staff, by using smartphone or tablet can control and record the cleaning of the rooms, update the room status, prepare the departures and arrivals of the guests, register mini-bar consumptions, insert lost and found or damage notifications.
The application is intuitive, easy to use and has everything you need in one click!

Control of Housekeeping via mobile:
  • Room Service management and control;
  • Communication with staff in real time;
  • Task plan, optimization of execution times;
  • Linen change management, mini-bar, amenities and inactivities;
  • Planning of future tasks, special actions, maintenance services;
  • Control of lost items;
  • Fully integrated with PMS in real time.
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POS Mobile app


Streamline the service with focus on personalization and offering a better customer service. The staff selects the customer's table and easily registers the order, sending it directly to the corresponding section. All items are organized in a customized menu, with the option of indicating dietary restrictions and/or extra ingredients. Orders can be sent in bulk or in sequence.

Full operational control:
  • Table control and quick sales;
  • Sending consumption to the room and to the guest's account;
  • Identifying who is staying at the hotel, guest type and credit limit;
  • Sending requests to the different sections.

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Table reservations


Solution that manages restaurant table reservations, streamlining the communication with the customer.

Better management of your restaurant:
  • Easily managed reservations and tables;
  • Set the time for the meals and between them;
  • Assign tables to guests in available spaces;
  •  Easy control of the waiting list; 
  • Organized and customer-focused team; 
  • Contacts management to be used in marketing campaigns;
  • Interactive visualization of the restaurant's rooms.

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Digital menu


Simply by scanning a QR doe the customers can access the menu on their smartphones (no need to install any apps) which allows them to place their order quickly and easily. Unnecessary physical contact is eliminated, keeping both customers and staff safe.

The guest places the order from anywhere:
  • More security and convenience;
  • Visually appealing and easy-to-navigate menus;
  • Notifications and special attention;
  • Maximize sales and reduce waiting time.

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