Russia: Cloud Computing in Moscow State Institute for Tourism

Cloud Computing is Hotel Business new trend ...
... and top hotel schools are leading the movement

Instituto Turismo de Moscovo instala Newhotel

All over the World the most progressive and competitive Hospitality businesses are replacing traditional computer software installed in local systems for Cloud Computing web-based solutions.
The fact that 3.77 billion internet users (50% of the World population) is now online and that most of the hotel reservations are coming from the internet makes it clear that Cloud Computing is the present and future of the Hospitality Industry.

Universities and Hotel Schools are also anticipating the trends and driving the movement by preparing professionals with the latest Cloud technologies . Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry, one of the most prestigious tourism institutions of higher education in the Russian Federation, named after Yury Senkevich, has now signed a cooperation agreement with the portuguese based company Newhotel Software.

Newhotel Software is a leading hospitality software manufacturer with sound reputation in the international market for over 33 years, now present with Cloud systems in Hotels, Resorts and Groups in 60 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. It is also the choice of more than one hundred universities and hotel schools.

One of the biggest strenghts of Newhotel Software is its trully multicultural profile and experience making it a preferred choice for hotel groups oriented to growing in the international markets.

Professors and teachers of the Institute emphasized the necessity to use advanced Cloud Software in the educational process as well as the importance of preparing professionals with the new forward looking technologies that will be used in the globalized and every day more competitive Tourims and Hospitality indusries .

During the first workshop help by institute professors and Newhotel Software Distributor, Alexei Presnukhin, the students showed special interest and curiosity towards the fast, intuitive and attractive user interface of the Cloud versions of the most popular systems: Front-Office, Points of Sale, SPA & Wellness, Events & Conventions, Web Sales and Marketing.

“Using Newhotel Cloud PMS will be a useful instrument and significant support in training of future hospitality industry professionals,” said Institute representatives.

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