The Most Complete and Integrated Cloud PMS
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The Simplest Cloud PMS

Very easy to use and accessible from any browser, Newhotel Cloud PMS offers any Hotel or Resort, regardless of its size, the most demanding control and management capabilities.

Easy to Use and Intuitive

The intuition and ease of use of Newhotel Cloud PMS allow, in a very short time, to use all its functionalities and basic operations.
From a single window, you can perform all daily front-office operations, such as:
  • Assigning or changing rooms
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Dates
  • Inserting or changing reservations
  • Register Guest
  • Invoice
  • Transactions

Your Hotel in the Cloud within a Click Away

Newhotel Cloud PMS is a state-of-the-art professional software for hotel management, developed with the most advanced web technologies, supported by the world's leading database engine which offers guarantees of reliability and security for installation in Microsoft Azure and Amazon data centers.
Designed to efficiently and cost-effectively support the management of hotels of any size, it is suited to the operational needs of both an independent hotel unit, a multi-hotel complex with full-service, suitable for hotel groups with a corporate center and consolidation of results.

Simplified Management of Rates and Packages

Full flexibility in rates management, including stay controls, promotions, early booking, rules, and children's packages.
All done through a daily calendar interface, identical to online sales channels.
Allotment contracts, guarantees and release periods can be defined individually per company or shared by several companies or agencies, with different rules for promotions, discounts, and commissions.

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