We also like to call it the most Complete and Integrated Cloud based Property Management System.Why?

A Professional Quality Cloud PMS

Very easy to use and accessible through any Internet browser, Newhotel Cloud PMS offers any Hotel or Resort, no matter the size, the most demanding control and management capacities.

Easy to use

Newhotel Cloud PMS is so easy to use that all basic operations can be learned in less than one hour. From one single window you can do every front-office day to day operations such as:
  • Assigning or changing rooms
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Dates
  • Inserting or changing reservations
  • Guest registration
  • Invoicing
  • Transactions

Manage Rates, Packages, Allotments

Total flexibility in managing rates, including stay controls, promotions, early booking, children rules and packages. All done through a daily calendar interface, identical to the internet sales channels.

Allotment contracts, guarantees and release periods can be defined individually by company, or shared by several companies or agencies, with different rules for promotions, discounts and comissions.

Reports, Statistics and Forecasting

A report manager with an intelligent search by key-words helps you finding the wanted results in a very easy way. Hundreds of reports, both numerical and graphical, satisfy even your most demanding needs for management and control, for example:
  • ADR and RevPAR analysis
  • daily manager report
  • production summarized according to USAH (Uniform System of Accounts)
  • statistics and forecasts by market segment and origin
  • analysis of Pareto
  • curve design of offer and demand according to the prices

Check also all the advantages of the Revenue Management and Rate Shopper features in our Cloud PMS!