How does Newhotel Prime Events & Conventions work for your business? See how...

Events & Conventions Manage reservations and sales of Events and Conventions

Interactive visual planning of Resources, Services, Audio Visual and other extras. Integrated with the Hotel PMS for reservation and invoicing of packages including accomodation, groups and events. Each Event Reservation includes all the information necessary to organize the work, such as Company, Person in Charge, Seller, Reservation Status (confirmed, not confirmed, on-going, and done), Hired Price, Additional Services, Occupation Plan, Decoration, among others. An Event can include several different Reservations in different Days and Schedules, each with its own requirements and characteristics.

Budgets and Pre-Invoices

For each Event it is possible to issue the matching Budget or Proposal as well as a pre-invoice with the desired detail of the hired services.

Resource Management and Plannification

Besides the Rooms or reserved spaces, it can also be defined, for each Event, any amount of Additional Resources (Audiovisual, Computers, Film Projector, etc) or Services (Water, Coffee-Breaks, Cocktails, Banquets, Decorations, Animation, etc). It also controls the inventory and availability of the forecasted resources for each Event thus guaranteeing a perfect organization and control.

Interactive Calendar

The interactive graphic planning allows visualizing, in a fast and intuitive way, the calendar and the schedules of Events and Resources by day, week, or period between dates. From the visual planning it is possible to search all the information about the foreseen activities, as well as changing or inserting new Reservations.

Daily Work Plan

Based on the foreseen Events and Reservations, the software prepares and prints work sheets to be accomplished by the several departments involved (Technicians, Cleaning, Security, Restaurant, etc) in each Room, every hour, for each day.

Hospitality Integration

One of the most interesting possibilities of this software is that it offers complete integration with the Newhotel PMS Front-Office system. This way it is possible to associate, manage and invoice a set of reservations including hotel occupancy and the services of the Convention Centre. The event production can be automatically integrated as another Revenue Centre of the Hotel, or treated separately. It can also share the access to the Client History either from the Hotel or from the Convention Centre, with the associated advantages for marketing and management.