Easy and flexible configuring resources, treatment rooms, services, products, therapists, schedules and time slots for reservations.How?

Spa & Wellness - Control SPA, Talasso and Wellness facilities with this specialized software

Intuitive visual planning of resources, services, therapists and doctor appointments. Integration with Hotel PMS to sell accomodation and SPA packages in the same reservation.

Allows managing and optimizing the resources or rooms availability (cabins, bathtubs, equipment) by day and hour, as well as making service appointments, such as: baths; massages; wrappings; pools; treatments; medical appointments.

Planning of Reservations of Resources and Services

At any time the calendar and the occupation and availability planning can be viewed, showing the resources existent in the SPA, as well as the Services scheduled for each day and time.

Management of Therapists

For the Services that require Therapists, the software shows the ones available for the desired day and time, filtered by the matching specialties or competences, work and rest schedules, as well as eventual preferences by the Client. The assignment of Therapists can be done manually or automatically by the software, which also tries to balance the distribution of work between the different Therapists.

SPA Point of Sale

To make the operation easier, this software integrates a module specialized for the SPA operations, through which you can control and register the sales of products and services.


In the Hotel units with SPA, Newspa allows the integration with the hotel software Newhotel, assuring functions such as:
  • Hotel/SPA price packages
  • Reservation of Hotel and SPA Services
  • Search of Hotel Guests & History of visits of the Client
  • Treatments and preferences & Automatic debit on the client's account
  • Invoicing in the Hotel or in the SPA

SPA Reservations and Search from the Hotel

Being fully integrated with Newhotel PMS Front-Office, it is possible from the Hotel Reception to make SPA appointments or treatment reservations for the Guests.

Easy Operation

The appointments and availability for any day and time are shown in a graphical, intuitive and immediate way by Service, Resource, Therapists or General.