For the intelligence of your business
More than 80 interactive dashboards allow you to analyse all the details of the hotel operations, historic, occurring and in future. It also includes other important indicators such as ADR, ARR, RevPAT, TRevPAR, AGR and it draws the room nights demanding curve in function of the price, as well as the consumption profiles by guest, by markets and by market origin.



Newhotel Business Intelligence comes fully configured and prepared to allow the analytic exploitation of the PMS database, reason why it does not require extra consulting and implementation services. Immediate use!
  • Pickup Analytics by days, weeks and months
  • Comparative Photos with previous periods
  • Markets Segmentation
  • Composition by Seasons
  • Unrestricted Demand Dates Forecast
  • Top Clients by room night, Stay and Consumptions
  • In house and next day Guest Analyses
  • Occupation and future income forecast
  • Behaviour analyses by week days
  • Demand curve outline and price elasticity
  • Profitability by rates x segments x origin
  • Production, billing and occupation by company
  • Indicators per calendar day past and future
  • Production by the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI)