A resilient centralized solution, using proprietary technology that can resist to failures in the telecommunication infrastructure.Know more...

Main benefits

  • Allows operation control and consolidation of information from all remote units.
  • An integrated system for the central management and control of hotel chains, regardless of their geographical distribution.
  • Assures consistency and simplifies the management of the nomenclature shared by the various hotel units of the group, avoiding duplication of data and inconsistency, thus assuring the reliability of the consolidated results.

Management Central application

Defines the rules of business for each unit, as well as rates, contracts, agencies and other companies, avoiding unnecessary duplication of work while controlling losses.

The client cardex

Guest history - is centralized allowing optimized management of the corporate Customer Relationship Management CRM and Loyalty Programs.

Consolidated Information

The most relevant information from the various units of the group are transmitted and saved on the Group's central database. From this data Warehouse, the system allows easy access for obtaining consolidated results, statistics, management and audit analysis for each unit, by region and by Group totals.

Rates and Contracts

Allows the centralized control of contracts, rates, agencies, companies and entities for all hotels, from the corporate headquarters. Allotments and execution indicators, occupancy and sales can be consolidated for each company, at a group level.


Codes and access permissions to the system can be controlled by the corporate team or shared with the hotels according to desired levels for each type of user: search, change, create or delete information.