I have a pretty busy pub and restaurant! What if Internet goes down?What happens?

Newhotel Cloud Point of Sale (POS)

Cloud Point of Sale for Restaurants & Bars allowing local system operation at any moment, in order to guarantee 24h service, shall internet connection interrupt.

  • Search, Choose and add Products to a table order
  • Products by Group/Family/Sub-family
  • Pax by Shifts and Days for Production and Statistics Control
  • Table and Room Transfer
  • Access and manage Table Check/Slips
  • Cancel Checks/Slips, Merge Checks/Slips or Tables
  • Change Room and Tables Configuration
  • Kitchen Order, Cancellation, Cancel All
  • Quick payment, Split by Value/pax
  • Internal comsuptions
  • Room Charge
  • Happy Hour, Tips, Discounts
  • Preparation mode and garnish/side options
  • Invoicing, Printers, Reports, End-of-Day, Change Shift