Inserting reservations for one or multiple Hotels from the hotel group headquarters, call center or sales department.How?

Central Reservations System CRS

A centralized solution, resilient to telecommunication failures. Allows operation control and consolidation of information from all remote units. From the hotel group headquarters, call center or sales department, insert Reservations for one or several Hotels in a single multi-hotel reservation system

Proprietary Technology, Efficiency, Safety and Potential

We have developed a proprietary technology that incorporates an innovative communication protocol that includes business rules and guarantees the highest efficiency on the operation.

The CRS has instant online access to the databases of all of the remote hotels

Consolidating the availability of one hotel or all hotels together. The changes or reservations made in the CRS are distributed and posted to the remote hotels; and, in a reverse way, the reservations and client information are reproduced, automatically, in the CRS.

High Reliability, the CRS has a local database with a copy that mirrors the data from all of the Hotels

This way, all the information is secure; the Reservations Central operation is assured and can go on functioning and registering reservations, regardless of any system failures in the hotels or in the communication network.

Management of Multi-Hotel Circuits and Pre-Payments

Among the most sophisticated functions allowed by the Newhotel CRS is the possibility to launch, search, change, annul Reservations for multiple Hotels, manage multi-hotel circuits, register payments and inclusive, distribute a value of pre-payment by the different Hotels, automatically associating the matching part to the reservations launched in each of the hotels.

The Potential of Newhotel PMS Advanced Front-Office

Reservation Central has the same functions and visual interface of Newhotel Advanced PMS Front-Office. This means that it's the most complete and sophisticated reservation management system available in the market.

CRS Easy Management

CRS is supported by Newhotel's system of centralized management of hotel groups, assuring an easier operation and transparency of the most common used nomenclature, such as Agencies, Companies, Clients, Market Segments and Rates.