Engage your visitors across the entire user experience
and convert them into customers of your hotel!How?

Engage your audience with relevant content!

With Newhotel CMS you can create and manage all your website content, with drag-and-drop editing, easily as you text in a "Word" document.
Engage your audience with relevant content!

Powerfull and intuitive, these content management system enables you to change and edit online content, right on the page, and have the real "What You See Is What You Get" experience.

Also, the content is not only text: you can change headers, body content, replace images and also work on your meta-data like keyword tags, image alt tags and publication dates. Newhotel CMS is naturally SEO Friendly!

With Newhotel CMS you have the opportunity to enjoy the best user experience as Content Author, providing relevant, actualized and oriented information to your clients, requiring no help from your web team.

And all of it is updated with the latest Google Search Engine Guidelines!
  • Easily create, edit, preview and publish great content on your website.
  • Build pages and forms with an amazing drag-and-drop user experience.
  • Make updates with powerful inline editing.
  • Ensure content quality and governance with approval workflows, granular permissions and version history.
  • Completely independent: requires no help of your web team.
  • SEO Friendly, updated with the latest Google Guidelines.

Promotional Campaigns

Tailored and Opaque Campaigns for the clients you choose

A special and unique sales channel to make your clients feel unique: special conditions available only with a special login you provide to who you choose! All the conditions and rates from Promotional Booking Target are not public and only available to those you want to give access to! Make your clients feel special!

Aggressive Campaigns with Specific Allotment

You have full control over the result of aggressive sales campaigns and strategies you set with Newhotel Promotional Booking Target as all campaigns have centralized allotment management and bookings limit features.
  • Tailored and Opaque Campaigns for the clients you choose
  • Special sales channel availabe with provided login
  • Conditions and rates for Promotional Booking Target
  • Agressive Campaigns with Specific Allotment
  • Centralized allotment management and booking limit features