The Management Board is responsible for managing the company. Its members are jointly accountable for the management of the company.
The Management Board has, as its prime responsibility, the Group's strategic management, resource allocation, financial accounting and reporting, risk management, and corporate control.

Management Board

joão matoso president newhotel software
João Matoso
Founder & President
pedro matoso newhotel software
Pedro Matoso
CEO Newhotel Software
adília almeida client services director newhotel software
Adilia Almeida
COO Newhotel Software
Filipe Figueiras International Sales Director newhotel software
Filipe Figueiras
International Sales Director
Alexis Riera R&D Director Newhotel software
Alexis Riera
R&D Director
hernani freitas ceo newhotel portugal
Hernâni Freitas
CEO Newhotel Portugal
Leonardo Freitas
National Technical Director
alvaro landerset simoes newhotel software
Álvaro Landerset Simões
Newhotel Portugal Director
rita rosa cmo newhotel software
Ana Rita Rosa
CMO Marketing Director

Senior Engineers

Nuno Rocha
Principal Technical Director
Hugo Pereira
Helpdesk Services Manager
Pedro Osório
Technical Coordinator

International Sales Managers

Tony Reyes
Caribbean Region Manager
Ramón Rabelo
Peru Country Manager
Audrone Lapieniene
Audrone Lapieniene
East Europe Newhotel Manager
juan osorio
Juan Osório
Central & South America Manager
alberto alonso
Alberto Alonso
Espanã Country Manager
Anastasiia Shchetinina
Anastasiia Shchetinina
Business Development and Sales
Carla Baptista
Carla Baptista
Business Development and Sales

Newhotel Software Mascot

newhotel software mascot
Our Mascot