António Neto

General Manager Hotel Cerro da Marina, Portugal
In my opinion Newhotel has made a huge effort to meet customer expectations. The program is always evolving and presents a large number of solutions to meet the most varied requests of customers. Help desk service and local service have greatly improved.
Congratulations to Newhotel!

Madalina Craciun

Hotel Manager / Las Palmas Urban Center
Time is really a big factor in our business and the Newhotel Cloud PMS allows us to be more efficient and productive with its easy-to-use model. Newhotel Cloud PMS allowed our hotel to operate with great efficiency making it our ideal partner for our current and future needs.

Mauro Magnani

CEO Grupo de Hotels Torremayor, Chile
Newhotel Software has become a preferred partner for us. We are very relax and confident with the work performed. We recommend Newhotel software to all those who are looking for solutions in their units.

Miguel González

Director IT America / Grupo Iberostar
I want to thank everyone for the professionalism with which you faced this challenge. The difficulties were many, but when a prepared team exists and above all a team eager to move things forward, the difficulties decrease. Each one of you played a decisive role and the result is a hotel open and operating in a new destination. So thank you for your support and for “being Iberostar” in this project that represented a challenge in capital letters for both companies..

Frederico Astoreca

Manager / Compañia Hotelera Andes S.A. (Chile)
The Compañia Hotelera Andes S.A. is considered one of the pioneers in the evolution of the hotel industry in Chile. This centennial company was founded in 1905, beginning its activity with the exploration of the Gran Hotel de Viña del Mar, the first luxury hotel in Santiago. The Astoreca family wrote its name in the history of the Chilean hotel industry from 1935, when it acquired the total control of the company and began its expansion.
Our experience with NewHotel has been very satisfactory. What I value most are its integration with e-GDS that allows to manage all the OTAs easily and that is a robust cloud solution that allows to check what is happening in the hotel anywhere in the world..

Alessandro Maio

Corporate Director & Hospitality at Timaker
In my capacity as Director Corporate & Hospitality of TIMAKER, I come to express my appreciation for the quality of work and dedication of Newhotel Software team in the implementation project of PMS and POS in the Hotel TRUMP Rio de Janeiro that I had the privilege to follow and coordinate.

The very short-term circumstances to allow for the completion of the works, systems installation, training users and the software startup follow up for opening the Hotel in time for the Olympics gave this project a much higher risk factor and nothing could fail.

I am glad we chose Newhotel Software as partner and supplier! Not only they have fulfilled the goals as their technical teams, both implementation and development, proved to be tireless and spared no effort to comply with all that was necessary for the full success of the opening day.

Thank you for your partnership and support for the successful opening.

Nofre Siquier

Revenue Manager / Area América no Grupo Iberostar
Iberostar manages 8,938 rooms in 21 hotels with Newhotel, of which several complexes in 4 countries, what we value most about them is their understanding and ability to adapt to our needs, resolving them fast, and the personalized treatment we receive, also we consider Newhotel a reliable and consistent tool.

Francisco Cruz

Diretor Geral / Aqua Village Health Resort & Spa
Newhotel Software has always been our choice to all Aqua Village’s management operations.
More than just a PMS, this system allows to fulfil every hotelier and manager daily needs. The evolution is sustained, the help desk is fast and efficient, and all the team are always available. Congratulation Newhotel!

Mauro Salles

Director / Group Pousadas Serra Gaúcha
Since we implemented the PMS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager systems, our sales process has become more dynamic, safer and faster. This allowed us to focus the work of the staff providing direct services to customers witch is the most important to ensure their satisfaction.

We were able to improve our sales through release of all the availability of the Pousadas in multiple simultaneous channels. Thus, we optimize the average ticket and better manage periods of high and low season.
The systems exhibit a degree of stability and reliability well above the average of other solutions on the market and therefore support it’s hardly necessary. However, when I had to use support services we were always well attended and expeditiously.

The fact of being in the cloud allows the access, control and monitoring from anywhere, which ensures flexibility for managers.

New needs for improvements and developments have been treated with the teams Newhotel / e-GDS and we are able to improve the systems, especially online sales modules. This shows a concern by the teams Newhotel / e-GDS with the development and monitoring of trends.

Therefore, we intend to continue our partnership with you, and appoint you for our partners.

José Maria Mañaricua

Director of Operations / Gloria Thalasso & Hotels
Gloria Thalasso & Hotels chain with 4 hotels and over 2500 beds in the Canary Islands trusts for 15 years in Newhotel software tool as PMS. Of note is the high added value of its professionals in consultancy work through knowledge of the sector.

Antonio Muñoz Cozar

IT Manager - Hotel Division / Grupo Bahia Príncipe
For our group flexibility is very important as speed, innovation and the daily management of the operations. With Newhotel solutions we get these goals, and gives us peace of mind to manage more than 14,000 rooms.