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Condos & Multi-Ownership - Multiple Exploitation Regimens

Allows defining several types of exploitation for each lodging and period to ease the optimization and profitability of the sales inventory. It shows the results of the exploitation and occupation divided by value and percentage, by the different regimens.

Contracts with Owners

For each contract it is possible to define the exact terms of profits and expenses conditions of the exploitation. The revenues can be calculated, distributed and posted automatically to the Owner's Current Account, by the Newhotel PMS.

Services included in the Exploitation

Multiple services can be defined with appropriate costs according to the charge rules, or according to the rules of each contract, regimens and occupancy periods: electricity, water, cleaning, laundry, maintenance, gardens and pools maintenance, etc.

Time-Share Management

For the Time-Share exploitations, this software offers the possibility of defining all the characteristics of management, such as Types of Lodging, Types of Periods, Week Days of the Starting Periods, Seasons, etc.

Customer, Owner Relationship Management

Automatically calculates and issues the Maintenance Fees, Welcome Letters and Mailings for the owners, and invoices, after controlling the payments received, through the interface with the Guest Account module.

Guest Accounts

The revenues and costs generated or calculated and assigned are automatically posted to the Guest Account module, allowing to search and issue, at any time, the matching account balances for each owner.

Automatic Generation of Reservations

The integration with Newhotel PMS Front-Office allows the automatic generation of the Reservations matching the owners, for any year. This function is completed easily and accurately.