• Ready for any hotel, resort and related businesses in any Country
  • Supported by Oracle database engine, the top relational database software in the world
  • Model based in purchase of the software license for unlimited use without any limitation
  • Maintenance contracts allowing fair adjustment to the needs and possibilies of each client
  • Fully integrated platform with specialized modules for POS, F&B Stocks, SPA, Sales&Events, Golf, BI, CRM, CRS, Central Management, Accounts Receiveable & Payable, Interfaces
  • Two-way integration with Web Booking Engine, Channel Manager and GDS Internet Sales
  • Multi-language, multi-currency and multi-tax system, including multiple tax over tax rules
  • Supports all kinds of rates, prices, contracts, packages and special offers
  • Hundreds of interfaces with PBX, Electronic Keys, Pay-TV and other electronic systems
  • Complete set of reports, statistics and forecasts allowing total control of the hotel operation

One Suite for all Hospitality

A high performance and fully integrated platform of solutions to manage Hotels, Resorts, Groups, Multi-Hotels, Multi-Business Complexes, CRS, Internet Sales, Restaurants and Bars, F&B Stocks, Spa & Wellness, Sales & Events, Golf and other hospitality businesses.

Supported by the Oracle database engine, it can be installed in a Client-Server multi-user environment in a local (LAN) or wide net (WAN) with Microsoft Windows, UNIX or LINUX operating systems, as well as centrally acessed by Remote Desktop or even locally in any computer for the smaller operations.

Full Integration: Hotel, Resort, Multi-Business Complex

The PMS module is the central core of the Newhotel Enterprise system, allowing the consolidation of all the information regarding Reservations, Guests and Companies in the hospitality business as well as the several departments and sub-systems, such as POS, F&B Stocks, SPA, Sales&Events, Golf, Accounts Receiveable and Payable, and Interfaces.

One provider: Same data structure, names, rules

All the applications integrated in the Newhotel Prime Suite share the same data and nomenclature structure, simplifying the management and control without the need for external interfaces or dependency on other software suppliers.

Simple even in the most demanding operations

User-level settings are extremely flexible and allow the easy adjustement of the Newhotel Prime Suite to the needs of Hotels, Resorts or multiple Hotel Complex, regardless of the level and complexity of their requirements.

Innovation and Technological Leadership

With over 38 years of experience in developing specialized software for the Hospitality Industry, Newhotel Software is internationally recognized for offering the most complete and integrated solutions for the most sophisticated businesses. It was one of the pioneer software companies in the World to develop a complete suite of applications for Hospitality Management designed for Microsoft Windows.

Support and 24h Technical Assistance

With a presence in a couple of thousand installations worldwide in more than 64 countries and 9 international offices along with a network of distributors, Newhotel assures local support to its clients anywhere in the World. There is also an International Helpdesk service, available 24 hours, answering and providing technical support to Newhotel clients any time of day and night.