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Point of Sale (POS)

Powerful POS that can be installed in the same system and database of the Hotel PMS, or stand-alone. Integration with PMS for room posting and with F&B Stocks for automatic inventory downsizing from sales.

Easy and Intuitive Operation

Newhotel POS can be installed in any computer or terminal with Microsoft Windows operational system and is very simple to learn and use. Designed to work with touch screen, it offers an unlimited number of products and PLU keys. The product buttons can be freely configured and organized, with access to an icon library to represent graphically the items for sale. It has unlimited memory for Tables and Checks.


Despite its simplicity, it offers one of the most complete set of advanced functions available on the market:
  • Options of Quick Sale (quick check)
  • Preparations and Seasonings
  • Complementary Products & Multiple Sale Prices
  • Happy Hour
  • Control of Internal Consumption
  • Client Cards, Split Check, Account Transfer (follow-me)
  • Kitchen Printer

Integration with Front-Office, Stocks and Events

Total integration with the other Newhotel modules:
  • Front-Office for automatic Charges posting to the Guests Accounts
  • Stocks for automatic downsize on the Inventory of the amounts sold
  • Events and Conventions to control and register consumptions during the events


The same equipment can be used to register sales of several Departments or Sections simultaneously. Like other modules in the Newhotel Prime family, it's multi-language and multi-currency. On environments with several POS, all the definitions, as products and prices, can be configured from a single workstation for all the Points of Sale.

Advance Module for Table Reservations

For units with Advanced Table Reservation service, there are functions to register and search the Reservations and Clients by day and time.

Reports and Statistics

A diverse and complete set of reports allows controlling the operation with higher precision, such as cashier close, end of shift, sales per product, group, family and employee. It also offers several statistical analysis of great use like products with higher sale in quantity and value, sale graphics by hour and days of the week.