Probably the most complete F&B software one can find.Why?

Food & Beverage Stock

Specialized System to manage Stocks, Purchase Orders and Inventory. Configurable product structure supporting groups, families and sub-families. Recipe Cards, Butcher Test, Banqueting and Buffet preparation and control. Probably the most complete F&B software one can find.

Simple and Effective Structure

Flexible nomenclature of product coding allowing a hierarchical organization by Groups, Families, Sub-Families and Products. The Products can be simple, composed, technical files or portionable. Allows controlling several warehouses and an unlimited number of sections or departments, with or without inventory.

Flexibility of Configuration

All types of transactions necessary in professional Stock management: Orders; Purchases; Returns; Entry of Invoices and Delivery Notices; Direct Entries; Transfers between Sections; Restitutions; Conversion of Food into Beverages and vice-versa; as well as other user defined operations.


For each period (day, week, month or user) it automatically generates an inventory preparation report (complete, random or sample) with the indication of a theoretical amount for each product in stock.

Technical Files/Recipe Cards

Through the Technical File or Recipe Cards one defines the compositions of the items for sale on the Points of Sale, thus making it possible to automatically downsize the stock of the sold products. It also allows defining equivalent products, which can be used in the Recipe Cards as an alternative in the case there is no sufficient amount of the original specified product.

Banquets and Buffet Tables

The definition, valorization and control of Banquets and Buffet Tables are assured through the functions that are already included in the software.

Conciliation of Profits and Costs

For each Section it is possible to obtain a rigorous analysis of Profits and Costs, as well as reports with the consolidated total, considering not only the sales, but also the Internal Consumptions.

Interface with Points of Sale

It provides functions of complete integration with the Point of Sale software to automatically downsize the stock of the product sold from the Technical Files or Recipe Cards.