How does Newhotel Prime Accounts Receivable & Payable work for your business?See how...

Control & Management

Credit control and management of accounts receivable & payable, including guests, non-guests and advance deposits. Issues payment receipts, requests for payments, and both credit and debit notes.

Accounts Receivable module

The Accounts Receivable module is integrated with the Newhotel PMS Front-Office and assures the control of credits given to Clients.

Each time an invoice is issued in the Front-Office, its data is transferred to the Accounts Payable database and automatically updated in the Client's account. The charges made can be posted to the Client's matching accounts, keeping the situation of allowed credit always updated.

It also allows printing Receipts and Vouchers, as well as letters requesting or claiming payment. Some of the control reports:
  • Account Balances
  • List of Unsettled Invoices
  • Credit Analysis by Client
  • Agency or Company, by Country or Market
  • Balance Antiquity Map (ageing Analysis)

Accounts Payable module

The Accounts Payable module is integrated with the Newhotel Stock and Inventory Management Package and keeps control of the values due to Suppliers. The purchase Invoices are posted only once and update the purchase database of the Stocks system as well as the Accounts Payable to Suppliers database.

It also allows registering the payments made and associate them to the matching Invoices, for total or partial payment. Other functions include issuing bank checks and printing documents. Some of the offered reports:
  • Account Balances
  • Summary of Due Balances
  • Transaction History and a Payment Forecast Plan

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language

Like all Newhotel applications, the Current Accounts Module allows working with several currencies and is available in several languages. The access to the system is controlled by codes and passwords, personalized by user, and it is possible to define the exact profile or permission for the different operations.