Newhotel Cloud Suite is a complete and integrated modular platform that offers a truly professional experience for managing your hotel or group of hotels, from basic needs to the most complex operations in the hotel industry.


A sophisticated and globally trusted hotel management system is now at your fingertips, whether you are an independent hotel, a multi-hotel resort or a hotel group.

Multi-language, multi-currency and multi-tax solution, prepared for the tax and legal rules of any region or country.

Newhotel Software solutions are stored in a Microsoft Azure Data Center, our partner that guarantees the highest degree of reliability and security, always accessible online. A 24/7 security system that automatically backs up hotel data once or several times a day.
Very easy to learn and use, Newhotel Cloud solutions do not need any local installation in the hotel. No investment in servers is required and it will also save time on software upgrades and implementation.


Newhotel's new generation of Cloud PMS offers a complete and integrated package of solutions and applications, which create more fluid and agile operational dynamics among the hotel team and give the guest the freedom to customize their experience. Online Check-in, Housekeeping, Guest Experience applications or those dedicated to the F&B area, as well as the possibility of API integration with other third-party solutions, are some examples of the flexibility of this new generation.


Advanced rate automation features include variable rate break configuration, extra beds, age groups for children, exceptions configuration, upselling definitions, stay control rules, rate organization by typologies, virtual rooms and, in particular, the support for multiple Derived Rates.
The Revenue Management module allows you to put the management and optimization of prices into automatic mode and to entrust Newhotel PMS with automatically updating the availability and rates published on the online channels..


Newhotel Business Intelligence is a powerful tool with unique features that allows, with one click, to know and analyze practically all the information about the operations, results and forecasts of the Hotel or consolidated Hotel Group. In addition to standard indicators and KPIs such as ADR, ARR, RevPAR, Uniform System of Accounts, Occupancy and Revenue, it offers specialized analytical reports such as price-demand curve tracing, demand elasticity (PDE), pickups, seasonality, demographics, early- booking, market segmentation, production of online channels and features for simulating future results with different scenarios.