Cloud Suite newhotel


Newhotel Cloud Suite is a complete and integrated modular platform that delivers a truly professional hotel management experience from the basic needs to the most complex operations within the hospitality industry.

BE CONNECTED (and secure)

A globaly trusted and sophisticated hotel management system is within your reach, either you're an independent hotel, a multi-hotel resort or a hotel group.

Available in multi-language, multi-currency and multi-tax, prepared for the fiscal and legal rules of any Region or Country.

Your Hotel’s software and database are protected in a Microsoft Azure Data Center assuring high degree of reliability and safety, always accessible online. A security system answering 24/7 automatically performs security copies of the Hotel data once or several times a day.

Very easy to learn and use, Newhotel Cloud Solutions don’t need any local installation in your Hotel so you don't need to invest in servers and you will also save time on software upgrades and deployment.

If your hotel is not set up for the cloud you can alternatively have Newhotel Prime installed on your own server, keeping the option of moving to the cloud available at any time.

Fully interfaced with our Web Sales & Marketing Suite (Booking Engines and Channel Manager).


From where ever your location is, you'll access the system through a personalized safe code and password and its possible to know who performed any operation, where and when, as well as the details of each performed operation.
You can also use the Web application interactive access with Cloud PMS including Manager snapshot, guest list, check-in, check-out, lookup accounts, room status, lost and found.