Mobile Point Of Sale Commander

The very attractive, elegant and smart design of the Newhotel Cloud Point of Sale Commander is a very easy to use Android application for smartphones or tablets.
Waiters in Restaurants and Bars can register on the move the orders from the guests directly at the tables, exterior terraces or even at the bar.
Multiple Points of Sales, cashiers, service and kitchen dispatch areas can be accessed from the same device.

 Mobile Point of Sale Commander

Occupied tables in the Restaurant areas and the status of open or closed accounts are easily identified by different colors.
Opening or closing client accounts and checks are as simples as just touching the corresponding position in the screen. In the same table or account you may have and manage separate checks per person or position. You are requested to specify the number of guests to serve within each open table.
Sliding buttons and drop down menus organized by type of product make it very efficient to select items and register sales and orders.
You can also make direct over the counter sales and keep many pending checks at the same time. For better, personalized treatment of your Clients you can identify the open tickets with the guest names.
Your Restaurant staff will be very pleased to work with the brilliant design and smart features of the Newhotel Commander.
User interface make all operations very easy with a single touch: increase or decrease quantities, cancel orders, print checks and send requests for the kitchen or dispatch areas.


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