Newhotel and HiJiffy are now integrated

new interface newhotel and hijiffy

Newhotel and HiJiffy come together
to transform digital communication for hotels

Newhotel Software solutions, with one of the most complete and advanced PMS on the market, and HiJiffy, a unified communications platform for hotels, are now integrated and announce the establishment of a partnership, which aims to help hotels communicate with their guests from a completely digital way.

The guest's behavior is evolving rapidly and requires a more personalized and immediate experience. With this partnership, Newhotel client hotels have yet another tool at their disposal, focused on increasing conversion rates, both for accommodation reservations and hotel services, which effectively promote the upselling and crosselling of services.

Main advantages of the integration between Newhotel and Hijiffy for hotels:
 > Direct communication channel with the guest available 24/7;
 > Communication in several languages;
 > Welcome messages before check-in;
 > Scheduling various services such as: transfer, table reservations at the restaurant, SPA services, among others;
 > Increase in the conversion of direct bookings, using the Virtual Concierge;
 > Support during the booking process;
 > Customization of the customer experience;
 > Assistance to online check-in and check-out processes;
 > Request for feedback on the stay on the main market platforms, namely, TripAdvisor.

All of this will be happening through guests' favorite communication channels, such as WhatsApp and SMS, which dramatically increases the number of conversions.

In addition to these advantages, hotels also have the possibility of offering a virtual concierge service, which, supported by artificial intelligence, manages to provide an automated response to seven out of ten interactions of guests with the solution, without the need for intervention by the hotel team. The virtual concierge is directly connected to the different departments, including maintenance, F&B or reception. The entire installation and configuration process are very fast, with more than 120 topics related to the hotel industry being uploaded automatically.

The solution also provides a dashboard that contains information about the performance of the chatbot and that allows centralizing information on the most frequent complaints from guests or on the customer satisfaction index, among other data.
For more information on how this partnership can help your hotel contact us.

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