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An Independent Hotel can be a laid back Country Bed & Breakfast with 10 rooms and a pool or a chic Boutique Hotel with 30 rooms and an Art Gallery but it can also be a busy 300 room city hotel with Spa, Restaurant and Event services, even using Kiosks to avoid clients waiting in line during peak check-in or check-out periods.

Of course, as a lonely decision maker, you might worry a bit trying to find the solution that will best meet the present and future needs of your hotel operation and requirements. That only shows you're a responsible person and your hotel is in good hands.

We don't say "Look no further! We have just what you're looking for!" what we would like you to know today is our commitment since 1984: hard work to keep our clients satisfied with our solutions and confident in our capacity to always provide and go beyond what they're looking for as time brings new challenges, quite often especially since the advent of Cloud Computing.