Housekeeping app para hotéis

  • Daily Work Plan
  • Room Assignment
  • Work Supervision
  • Lost and Found
  • Minibar Control
  • Future Task Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Special Tasks
  • Cloud PMS Connection


Management and control of the room service

With the Newhotel Housekeeper app, the housekeeper and room service staff can control and record all room cleaning tasks, update accommodation statuses, prepare for guest check-ins and check-outs, monitor minibar consumption, handle lost and found items, and report faults through their mobile phones or tablets. Communication with the entire staff and information updates are done in real-time, enhancing service efficiency.

Facilitated team and work plan management

By digitizing daily workflows, efficiency in room inspections is improved, as well as notifying other teams about changes in each room's status. The housekeeping application allows housekeepers to establish easy-to-follow work routines for the team, ensuring that work plans are distributed evenly.

Control of linen changes, minibar, faults, and amenities

In a few seconds, the housekeeping staff can update linen usage, minibar consumption, or report a maintenance issue on the application without disrupting workflow. It's also possible to plan future tasks, special actions, or periodic maintenance services and the required team.

Lost item control

Record and track all lost and found items on your property. Capture an image of the found object, identify it, identify who found it, where it was found, and where it is stored. Ensuring quick and easy identification for returning to the guest.